Why can I not comment, on either my questions or answers or anyone elses ?

  • I have much more than 50 reputation
  • And a large label placed on my profile says "You've earned a new privilege! You can now Comment everywhere
  • My last comment was on 5-June-2020
  • I can only think, that maybe it is a browser or other software problem, something that has changed recently on this site, but everything else functions ok.

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A few possibilities:

  • Sounds like you've got multiple accounts. You can request to have them merged using the contact form at the bottom of the page.
  • It could well be a software issue. Comments use some fancy AJAX-based system that doesn't work on some of my devices; make sure your browser supports HTML5 and ES6.
  • Your account has no restrictions that might prevent you from commenting, so that's not a possibility.

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