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Regarding the use of comments on a post.

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What should we do about comment discussions?

Comments (on main) are not for extended discussion. What are comments? Comments are temporary "Post-It" notes left on a question or answer. They can be upvoted (but not downvoted) and ...
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Vanishing Comments

Maybe it's only me going Alzheimers, but over the years on RC.SE I had several times a feeling as if comments of mine (*1) just vanished without a reasonable explanation. Since I neither regularly ...
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Do we want Discussions functionality on Retrocomputing?

I'd like to run an experiment here where we left long comment threads around. (I mean we tend to do that, but sometimes they do get moved to chat where they die.) It's just the way this particular ...
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Was my comment on my answer on this post removed, and why?

Was my comment on my answer on this question removed, and why? What is this early 3D platformer? It was an unpleasant shock to see the site silently misrepresenting me as rude by not acknowledging ...
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Elaborate clarifications lost with chat room deletion

Under this question, I asked the poster a number of clarifying questions in the comments. The clarifications have quickly become rather unwieldy, so I decided to move the discussion to chat (with the ...
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Why can I not comment, on either my questions or answers or anyone elses?

Why can I not comment, on either my questions or answers or anyone elses ? I have much more than 50 reputation And a large label placed on my profile says "You've earned a new privilege! You can ...
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Why are comments on completely invisible to google search?

Why are comments on completely invisible to google search ? Last time I checked extensively, months ago, I found that all comments on ...
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Bug in commenting user from list

On this Answer: Read HP Basic (RMB) tokenized file into clear text? When I add a comment with @nick I can see the usual list of users to pick from and there the Staffan user is twice. Its probably ...
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On the use of comments

According to the comment box: Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments. Comments are for: Asking for more information about a ...
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Is this comment a good or at least representative reflection of this site's collective attitude?

I was curious about something I saw in an article about a historical computer, and while the problem has mathematical aspects, it seemed at the time that Retrocomputing SE was a better choice than ...
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Navigating to an link in a comment loads malformed Retrocomputing URL

The comment in question Clicking the link to open it in my current window or a new tab creates a malformed URL:
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