Was my comment on my answer on this question removed, and why?

What is this early 3D platformer?

It was an unpleasant shock to see the site silently misrepresenting me as rude by not acknowledging their thanks when I was sure I had. If it was removed, I'd like to have been told about it. [context, it was a reply to a comment which two hours later was deleted also.] Surely, SE can spare the bandwidth for 'you're welcome', especially when the answer's been accepted and there's not going to be much further discovery to disrupt.

If it's policy, then a) I don't like it, I want it changed, and b) I want to be told when I've violated it.

(Alternatively if it was just a site glitch I will sheepishly throw up my hands of course.)

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Your comment was removed. It's policy to remove comments once they've served their purpose. On many sites, answers get the following comments:

  • Thanks for this answer. It's really great!
  • You're welcome! Happy to help.

When these are flagged as No Longer Needed, they're removed. To reduce workload on moderators, comments like these can be removed just from user flags, without a moderator's intervention. (This rule is designed for big sites like Stack Overflow.)

Usually, moderators delete these conversations at the same time. However, in this instance, the "thanks" comment was:

This is definitely the right game! ❤

The algorithm (designed for Stack Overflow) has no idea that this is a thank-you comment; it's talking about a game, and doesn't even say "thank you". Whereas your reply:

No problem, you're welcome 🐱

was – save for the emoji – a classic. So your comment was deleted when it was flagged, but mm201's remained until I deleted it 4 hours, 46 minutes and 56 seconds later.

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