I've been visiting the Retrocomputing site every day for over 60 days. On three occasions the visit count has falsely reset to 1 visit.

The counter seems to be rather buggy! or is someone just screwing with me?


The two things that trip people up are:

  1. UTC time, and
  2. What actions count as access.

The second is purposefully a bit vague, but just visiting the home page doesn't count. You need to read a question or some other action that demonstrates you are using the site in some capacity.

The first is mostly a problem if you aren't on a regular schedule. Weekends are especially tricky for me in California since I might log out on Friday afternoon before the end of the UTC day and not come back until Saturday evening. Even though I've been to the site on two consecutive localtime days, I've missed a UTC day.


TL;DR: It's not a bug, it's a feature.

This might be caused by caching. A good tip when trying for the [• Enthusiast] badge is to perform an action every day (voting, asking, answering, etc.) to ensure that your browser isn't caching the homepage and is actually making a request to the Stack Exchange servers. This also has the added benefit of getting you used to contributing (arguably the intention of the badge); I see from your profile that there are things that you know that you haven't shared yet.

There is also the possibility that you actually did miss a day. I had done this on two separate occasions whilst trying for the [• Fanatic] badge. This is even easier when your time-zone is not UTC, because visiting in the morning one day and the evening the next can result in having skipped a UTC day. To prevent this, you could visit in the morning and the evening.

These badges are really, really hard to get. That's why they're silver and gold, not bronze and silver. So, don't feel too bad when this happens; it's annoying but will make victory even sweeter.

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