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Alex Celeste
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LLMs and GenAI are an abomination, with no legitimate application to programming.

I am one of the developers of the Helix QAC static analyzer, a general-purpose C code analyzer supporting both standard C (C89-C23) and a wide variety of common language extensions. QAC performs interprocedural/interthread dataflow analysis in addition to basic high-level syntax checking, and can therefore detect a large number of runtime errors (segfaults, buffer overflows etc.) at compile time.

I am a current member of the ISO C and MISRA C committees.

All opinions expressed here are my own and are not those of my company or any other organization.

Any content I post is offered under the CC0 Public Domain licence:
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In the unlikely event I actually wrote something helpful, it is yours to use! You don't need to ask my permission or provide any attribution.

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