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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions and discusstion regarding the moderation tools available to users with a reputation of 10,000 (2,000 on Beta site) or higher.
For reporting 404-Not Found errors you've encountered on Retrocomputing or discussing the error page itself.
× 2
the answer the question owner thought best met their needs. This tag is for discussing issues related to accepted answers, not indicating that a question has an accepted answer.
Regarding the inbox notification area.
× 3
Regarding answers and answering.
For questions about the process of asking questions.
× 2
For questions and discussion regarding the badge progress tracker on the profile page.
awarded to encourage and incentivize positive community actions within the site.
× 4
For questions concerning the Retrocomputing Blog. See questions on this tag for details.
Regarding the bounty process.
the real time, stateful web chat that's a part of the Retrocomputing site.
Regarding the chat room for the site
Regarding questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the standards of this site.
For instruction and guidance on closing or migrating questions and the reasons therefor.
× 2
Regarding the use of comments on a post.
× 2
a flag that can be applied to posts which lowers the rep threshold for editing and prevents any reputation change from voting.
For questions and discussion regarding the quarterly Creative Commons data dumps of all public data in the Stack Exchange network Q&A sites.
For questions about the functionalities, queries, databases and datamodel of The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE).
Regarding answers that have been deleted from the Retrocomputing site.
Regarding questions that have been deleted from the Retrocomputing site.
Regarding the design of the Retrocomputing website, e.g. for issues with the layout.
for questions specific to downvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content could be improved. (Downvotes on the meta site may have different meaning).
× 2
For questions regarding the process of editing posts.
the norms and standards of accepted behaviour and politeness in our community. The golden rule is "Think before you post."
For the process of identifying and closing questions that have the same possible answers as another question because they are essentially the same.
For questions and discussion regarding the favourite questions feature of the site.
For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc
For questions and discussion regarding the formatting of posts and comments on the site.