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Thanks for bringing this to meta. Personally, I think that that question should have been closed because, like this question of mine, it's asking about too many things. I don't feel very comfortable picking apart somebody else's question, so I'll pick apart my own. My question has a very general title: "How did debuggers work?" Whilst it initially seems as ...


When there aren't sufficient users to review the queues, as a Stack Exchange Community Manger, I usually pick up the slack. But as we near the appointment of the pro tem Moderators for this site, I tend to get behind as I have to sort through what is an immediate need versus what is better left to the new mods. Apologies.


As I was the one to close the question, I feel I should add to the answer already given by @wizzwizz4. An answer with which I agree. My first response on seeing the question was to suggest that it was broad and could be improved. At first glance it is a question about programming a microcontroller to emulate or study an retro system. A topic covered in ...

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