Raffzahn is a machine. Long, detailed, annotated answers from a broad background. A great asset to the site. Grats Raffzahn!


I continue to be amazed, both by this site, and this particular user. For people interested in retrocomputers, both is a trove of reliable, fun and interesting information and trivia. I'm not very active, but I really do enjoy reading yours - and others - answers on this site :) Thanks!


Certain reputation-gathering actions are exempt from the 200 per day cap. The most common one is the award of bounties. Any bounty received is not counted towards the 200. However, in your case, this isn't the reason. You had a question migrated here from Superuser:- Why did SMARTDRV have to be started with /x when DOS started?. This had already acquired ...


The criteria is that the tag needs to be eligible for badges. According to this post, a tag needs to be used on at least 100 questions in order for tag badges to be granted. Our most popular tag, hardware, has been used 73 times.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible