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Unpinning accepted answers

Since the long form may be too detailed, here a quick TL;DR: Keep it as it is now. The accepted should be pinned. Accepting an answer is (usually) a quality statement This is true for 'Problem' ...
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Is asking for the existence of a device equal to a buying recommendation?

Asking purely if something exists / has existed isn't a shopping request. However, the line is blurred and these questions are likely to fall the wrong side in the eyes of the community. Your linked ...
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Unpinning accepted answers

If pinning accepted answers were useful for “problem”-type questions, SE sites focused on such questions would in all likelihood have kept them pinned when they were offered the choice; that’s not the ...
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Unpinning accepted answers

Pinning accepted answers is useful for "problem"-type questions, where the OP has the ability to verify the answer better than anybody else. At a guess, I think these make up more than half ...
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