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Why is the question about running Windows 95 in DOSBox supposedly off-topic?

The meta question Is emulation on topic? has multiple highly upvoted answers, all of which agree that emulation of retro systems is generally on-topic, to one extent or another. The top-voted answer (...
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What was unclear about this question?

This question about Unix and virtual memory was deleted because it "needs details or clarity". What was unclear about it? Certainly, the questioner had some wrong ideas, but it seemed pretty ...
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1 answer

My question, being very broad, attracted a lot of answers

I recently put a question up about computers that had more than one CPU. In hindsight I see this question is very broad, and that's why it has attracted a lot of short answers. And so it has been ...
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Elaborate clarifications lost with chat room deletion

Under this question, I asked the poster a number of clarifying questions in the comments. The clarifications have quickly become rather unwieldy, so I decided to move the discussion to chat (with the ...
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Question mischaracterized as off-topic

A while back I posted a question about GoldenEye glitching out when you press down on a chip in the N64 controller. The question was closed for being off-topic, presumably because it was about a ...
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One step from being closed but nothing wrong with the question

Help identifying a platform game for UNIX from 1990s There is nothing wrong with my question, and was nothing wrong from the beginning. What is wrong is the unjustified negative opinions to close it, ...
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How is it "opinion-based" to ask about the fact that all current emulators "suck" when it actually is true?

I tried asking this yesterday: How is it possible that video game console emulators perpetually suck? Actually, I asked it earlier in the day, but it was mysteriously "memoryholed", as if ...
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