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Regarding promotion of the Retrocomputing StackExchange site.

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Some chance for social non-distancing in the UK?

Good participation about Sinclair questions (among others) made me belive, that there is a reasonable number of RC.SE members based in the UK. Since last week and for the next 6 weeks, I'm pushing a ...
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Does Retrocomputing want to be featured as a place to go for identifying retro games on Arqade?

Hello Retrocomputing enthusiasts, I'm Robotnik, an Arqade (Gaming SE) moderator. Arqade's community is currently in a bit of a re-invigoration effort, and a part of that is improving our FAQs and help ...
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Call for Community Promotion Ads

As this answer to the question How should we promote our site? seems to be well received (please keep adding answers to that question by the way). Here is a follow-up question: What should our ...
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How should we promote our site?

Let's face it: our site has pretty low activity at the moment. We have fewer than 200 visits per day, and our questions per day has dropped to less than 1. However, we've answered well over 90% of our ...
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Tweet Bot/Twitter Account for Retrocomputing?

Some Stack Exchange network sites have a twitter account which tweet recent or hot questions, as see on the site list: The timeline on the post then shows that the question was tweeted by that site's ...
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Should we get a blog?

We have now got a blog. Please volunteer and post any suggestions on the new post; this post won't be checked regularly. The original text is kept below for completeness. Blogs are very interesting ...
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Promoting retro appropriate sites on SE Retro

Many SE sites have a place for "community ads" on the right-hand side. SE Retrocomputing itself was promoted on SE Electronics (and possibly others.) It can also be a place for non SE sites of ...
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