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Etiquette is the norms and standards of accepted behaviour and politeness in our community. The golden rule is "Think before you post."

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What are the rules about self promo on Meta?

I'm preparing a video showing the functioning of the MT-1804 (A 1980s Soviet bitslice processor system cloned from the 1970s AMD Am2900 Learning and Evaluation Kit), and putting it as the inaugural ...
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Abuse of moderator fiat vote

Not so long ago, the question has been asked. As originally written, and even after revisions, I would consider it somewhat problematic (and ...
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What is the extent to which it is appropriate to edit a post?

Any member of this community can propose edits to any question or answer, even if originally written by someone else; the edit goes live when approved through the review queue. For users above a ...
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Promoting an event

I'm launching a series of meetups that focuses on a specific part of retrocomputing. However, Retrocomputing Stack Exchange doesn't have community ads, the main chat room seems quite inactive, and the ...
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Don't answer a question you want to close

I noticed while closing a question that a person had voted to close and written an answer. It is not the first time I see it, nor the first stack. This is of course not only inconsistent but also ...
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The "cleanup" badge seems to be awarded for bad behaviour

Scenario: a new user posts a rant disguised as a question. An attentive forum member (justifiably, IMO) removes the ranting in an attempt to salvage the question. The new user will have none of it, ...
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Is it RCSE policy that you must register and maintain a single name to participate?

The recent questions by pseudonymous emulator user(s) got me thinking. In this question wizzwizz4 said the following: It would be a lot easier for us if you stuck with one account. I'm here purely ...
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Why are we so unfriendly to novices?

Retrocomputing has struck me, over the last six months, as being particularly unfriendly to novices. It's now reached the point where a new user (both to RC.SE and SE in general), probably a non-...
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Did I do something wrong?

I recently put up a question about how each byte in the PMD-85's video RAM is used. I got two answers, which while informative, didn't quite give me exactly what I wanted. Raffzahn's in particular ...
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Is this comment a good or at least representative reflection of this site's collective attitude?

I was curious about something I saw in an article about a historical computer, and while the problem has mathematical aspects, it seemed at the time that Retrocomputing SE was a better choice than ...
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Moderator Bans Using "Father"

The original question was... (Title) "Father of Assembly Language" The C Programming Language was originally developed by Dennis Ritchie who also co-designed the Unix operating system with which ...
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Answerer reverting good-faith edits

I asked a question (What is between the sectors of floppy disks?) and received a few answers, one excellent one from someone whose English is not perfect. Someone edited the answer correcting many ...
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