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For questions regarding the process of editing posts.

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What is the extent to which it is appropriate to edit a post?

Any member of this community can propose edits to any question or answer, even if originally written by someone else; the edit goes live when approved through the review queue. For users above a ...
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How to handle a title edit (change) made to make the question fit a specific answer?

(Preface, this is not mainly about the question in question (sic) - or its editor, but the general handling of such changes. The question change initiating this is just a great example for the issue ...
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3 answers

Answerer reverting good-faith edits

I asked a question (What is between the sectors of floppy disks?) and received a few answers, one excellent one from someone whose English is not perfect. Someone edited the answer correcting many ...
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My question, being very broad, attracted a lot of answers

I recently put a question up about computers that had more than one CPU. In hindsight I see this question is very broad, and that's why it has attracted a lot of short answers. And so it has been ...
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Can't submit Tag Wiki Edits

I have a few edits to Tag Wikis queued up and I'm having trouble submitting them. I wait the normal 30 sections between submissions, but then I get a tooltop that says "An error occurred submitting ...
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