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What does the community like to see with posts answering a tangential question, but not the one submitted by the asker? This answer has been flagged as not being an answer to the question, and it isn't. But as always on this site, it's a record of first-hand ...
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ChatGPT - Yes or no?

We have had our first post from the ChatGPT AI answering bot. Or at least, a post flagged by an AI detecting AI as 99% probable AI generated. The answer has not been deleted - yet, it isn't a very ...
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Don't answer a question you want to close

I noticed while closing a question that a person had voted to close and written an answer. It is not the first time I see it, nor the first stack. This is of course not only inconsistent but also ...
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Expand scope in answer or stick to scope limitation of original question?

In "How fast are transfers between the C64 and the 1541 floppy drive?" the OP describes an application that needs fairly fast transfers between the C64 and an attached drive, and this application ...
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Should it be assumed that hazards about CRTs, PSMPS internals etc are known to all readers?

See various questions about CRT replacement, where the original poster shows neither awareness or unawareness of the hazards involved. Should it be assumed everyone will be safe by virtue of their ...
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Did I do something wrong?

I recently put up a question about how each byte in the PMD-85's video RAM is used. I got two answers, which while informative, didn't quite give me exactly what I wanted. Raffzahn's in particular ...
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Community Wiki Usage

This is a response to the mod comments on this now-deleted answer: @JAL That's not what Community Wiki is for. Although... perhaps asking Chenmunka to add the clarifying information to the existing ...
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What is this "Can you help?" message above the answer box?

I was looking at a new question on main (Where and what was Haunt.bat? A game pre-loaded on a c1992 PC) and saw this message above the answer box: What is this message? Was it added by a mod? I don'...
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When should I add multiple answers?

I recently asked and self-answered a question on main What was the first arcade game to use a microprocessor instead of discrete logic? In the comments, discussion started on what the definition of "...
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