The 8-bit Apple II had two disk operating systems, DOS and ProDOS.

Currently we have a specific tag for but no matching tag for ProDOS. The text of the apple-dos tag seems clear that it doesn't currently include ProDOS:

for questions about the Apple DOS operating system used on the Apple II series of microcomputers

We currently have 18 questions that mention ProDOS, it seems arbitrary whether those use the tag or not.

  1. Should we add a tag? (or or some other variant...)

  2. Should the current tag specifically cover both and have its text updated to clarify that?

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It would seem reasonable to have a separate tag for ProDOS. After all it was somewhat different from the original Apple ][ DOS and, from memory, it was more prevalent on the Apple /// than on the ][.

I would keep to our convention of keeping the manufacturer in the tag, so would be preferable.


While I can live with Chenmunka's suggestion, I still think it's way too early to do so. There is no real gain to separate between various DOS from Apple - wich DOS, Prodos as well as SOS are - GS/OS is a different beast - like GEOS.

By labelling with a too fine granularity tags again become less useful. Right now we have barely passed a dozend questions tagged , splitting that up might do more harm than it adds clarity.

Personally I'd wait for passing like 100+ questions (and thereof 30+ specific to ProDos) before turning the generic tag covering all DOS type os into a specific for the DOS line.

Not to mention that a should, like an other, only be applied if the question is really related to ProDos, not just because ProDos is somehow mentioned as context.

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