I am following a project called the Commander X 16, a Commodore 64 inspired machine based on, but only somewhat compatible with it.

My question: Is such a retro inspired development in scope of this stack exchange group?


Expanding on wizzwizz4's answer and the comments on it:

Questions about the actual workings of the C64 are obviously on-topic, even if phrased as, "The Commander X 16 works this way; does the C64 work the same way?" (I would not necessarily suggest phrasing things that way, but it may be useful if you're referring to some good documentation on the X 16 that saves you a lot of explanation.)

When it comes to porting C64 code, "How do I do this on the X 16?" is not on-topic for the group. However, if your problem is that you have a chunk of C64 code and you don't understand entirely how it works, posting a "How exactly does this work on the C64?" question would be right on topic. You'd need to ask a separate question elsewhere if, once you understand how the code works on the C64, you don't understand how to achieve the same effect on the X 16.

So perhaps the general questions you should be asking yourself before posting here a question inolving a "modern" system are, "Does answering this question require specific knowledge about a an actual retro system?" and, "Can I split this question into two, one for Retrocomputing dealing with the retro side and one for another more appropriate forum dealing with the new system side?"

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    Even more important than "Does answering this question require specific knowledge about a an actual retro system?", the question you really want to ask yourself is "Can potential answers to this question be useful to someone using an actual retro system. That's the actual point of the Retrocomputing SE, after all. – mnem Sep 27 at 20:09

Why not?

While not yet being a "real thing" atm, the X16 is purportedly supposed to have:

  • a 6502 or 65816 CPU, which is definitely "retro"
  • A VDP based on a PGA design closely inspired by the Yamaha 9990 series, definitely retro as well, but created using modern technology
  • Apparently one or multiple SID or OPL chips for sound
  • limited address range, thus bank-switching to support a 512/64 kBtes memory map

The design reminds me very much of an MSX computer, but with a MOS CPU.

These all require programming techniques no longer taught to developers - Where else should such questions be asked?

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck,... I don't care what year it was built.

  • I think we are going to see a lot more retro inspired machines that shares many attributes of those old machines. – Peter Camilleri Sep 28 at 18:22

Only to the extent that it relates to retro systems.

So, you could ask about how the Commodore 64 functions, or how to interface the two machines, but not how to change the Commander X 16's batteries.

  • How would porting C64 code rate? This is the most likely sort of question – Peter Camilleri Sep 10 at 0:42
  • Then again that is a programming question so maybe the main stack exchange is a better choice? – Peter Camilleri Sep 10 at 1:09
  • @PeterCamilleri If they're more about the C64's interfaces, yes. Otherwise, maybe – I don't know. – wizzwizz4 Sep 10 at 5:41

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