With technology comes technological jargon. Often, this is not written down and so is lost to antiquity; when it is used in written work the definitions are crucial to understanding the sentences in which they occur. It is important to preserve this information. (See: JARGON.TXT)

However, questions about terminology of the time might collect lots of unsourced answers with terms used only by small groups of people. This is less of a problem with questions about defining a term than questions asking for terms.

Should questions about terminology be on-topic?


I don't see why not.
It is true that terminology has changed over time as technology has changed. We should have questions here to cover that.

You're right that there will be a lot of answers from people's memories, which may not have definitive answers from other sources. However, it is our aim on this site to be the definitive source. Therefore, people's memories should be captured. The Q&A voting structure of SE will ensure that the best such answers will be upvoted by others with the same memory of the term.

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