For consistency, I think the ti99 tag should be changed to ti-99 and ti99 should be a synonym for it.

What do you think?

When you look at other tags, you see a trend of "computer-model". Such as apple-ii and atari-st, commodore-pet, etc.

The hierarchy I would suggest (tag plus synonyms) would be:


The only reason I wouldn't suggest making texas-instruments the main tag is that it's a little long and most people probably refer to it as TI anyway.


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You're right, the convention we've adopted is to have hyphens. I've created the synonym.

I have not created a or . We can do that as and when necessary.

The recommendation here is that use of a tag containing only a manufacturer name should only be applied if discussing more than one product of that manufacturer. Tagging with, for example, and or and is unnecessary.

  • Or you could, of course, use the tags relevant to the product(s) in question. For example, a question discussing the Apple I and Apple II could be tagged as [apple-i] [apple-ii], but doesn't really benefit significantly from also being tagged [apple] (unless you are aiming for answers from people who are experts in Apple).
    – user
    Feb 26, 2017 at 18:30
  • Note: Something is really weird with the ti99/ti-99 tag. retrocomputing.stackexchange.com/q/1416/357 is tagged ti99 according to the UI, but clicking on the tag brings me to the list of questions for ti-99. The other tags on the question have tag hover popups, but not ti99. If I follow the right-hand "about" link, I arrive at retrocomputing.stackexchange.com/tags/ti-99/info which is a 404.
    – user
    Feb 27, 2017 at 13:56

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