So this question regarding the Apple II got flagged as off topic for being too broad and primarily opinion based. I agree with that, buut I also feel like it'd be pretty cool to have a list of crazy things you can do with a specific piece of retro hardware.

I'm wondering if the community feels that such questions would be a good fit for the site if they took on the form of a community wiki answer, where there's no rep involved and everyone and anyone can edit and post updates. Thoughts?

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I think the flags on that questions started with this comment on a different, also broad question. Where would it stop? Would we have a software list for every brand, every model of personal computer?

Even if the community thinks these questions are useful, the problem is a laundry list of answers don't really fit into the Stack Exchange model. We have this issue on Stack Overflow frequently with link-only answers and framework recommendation questions.

I do think your suggestion of a Community Wiki Q&A pair would be a good experiment to try. Anyone could edit the list, and we would just need to make sure that people add to the list rather than add additional answers.

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