After asking two questions that are each missing this tag, and not knowing what to name it, I have brought this to meta. What should the tag used for questions about the instruction sets of processors be named?

Some suggestions so far include:
, (both suggested by mnem), and .

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In the case of the PDP question, I think is an excellent tag since that's what the question is specifically dealing with.

For the Z80 vs 8080 question though, I think the argument could be made for an tag since the question is comparing two separate (albeit similar) instruction sets and "instruction set architecture" refers to the specific design and implementation of a particular instruction set.

In fact, in the CPU design world, there is a team member (or members) responsible for creating the instruction set for a new processor who is referred to as the "instruction set architect".


For this usage I would go for for preference.

implies a question about the behaviour or use of a specific instruction rather than the set as a whole.

is a bit wordy and, to me, evokes memories of the Motorola v Intel architecture wars of the 1980s - 90s. Should an instruction set be orthogonal or not. Also CISC v RISC, etc.

could encompass more than just the instruction set. It could cover all aspects of the design.

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