So I was trying to upload a photo, and I received an error:

Request returned an error: [error] I'm a teapot

Have we switched image uploads to HTCPCP?!

For some reason I got logged out of my account, even on Stack Overflow. I logged back in, refreshed the page, and everything was reverted to a prior revision of what I was writing. Fortunately, I didn't loose too much work, otherwise I'd be boiling.

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Here's a picture of what happened:

Are you really?


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We return that error in a few scenarios where we have decided (for various reasons) that we really don't trust the incoming request - usually protection from botnets, hack attempts, attempts from external sites to hijack your account (XSRF failure), etc. I'm not saying that you did any of these things; I suspect something changed on your connection sufficiently to cause a false-positive. Sorry about that. If it is working now, then we're probably fine. Unfortunately, a small number of false-positives is a side-effect of the hostile internet in which we reside :(

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