Is "scroll tearing" a symptom of scanline interrupts taking too long? was tagged , , and . I took off, because the Game Boy doesn't have an 8080 in it, and I took off because the question isn't about assembly.

But now I'm not sure. The tag usage for says:

Assembly languages in general, of any architecture. Use with the particular processor’s tag as appropriate.

For questions about the assembly language of a microprocessor or CPU.

If specific to a particular processor, please also use the appropriate processor tag.

This question isn't about the assembly language, but it's about interrupts and cycle counting, something that you only really do in assembly. So did I make the right call?

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The Question seems to be more about I/O usage and timing - something that can happen with any language. It seems not to hold anything Assembly specific. So it does not contain or generate any knowledge about or related to Assembly - which is what someone looking for that tag would look for.

Just because Assembly is used to generate the example does not make it a topic.


If the question were a generic "I see this problem in someone else's code and am wondering why it is happening" then I think would not belong.

However, this question actually includes assembly language code, so the tag belongs here.

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    That a question contains assembly code does not make it a question about assembly code. So, I'm not persuaded by the argument.
    – dave
    Nov 24, 2021 at 3:07

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