This question is tagged with , but is actually about different dialects of on an machine.

My understanding was that the tags were for different dialects, and the tag (which I created) was for the language in general.

Should this question be retagged, and is the tag summary I just wrote correct?


The linked question is about measuring time on Atari 8-bit computers, using Atari BASIC. The question contains a number of screenshots of different dialects of BASIC, but they are just benchmarks from other computers used to illustrate the aim of the requested code. Think of it as "How would I write code equivalent to this in Atari BASIC?" — the example code most definitely does not give the desired result on Atari 8-bit micros, in any dialect available.

Arguably the question could be retagged , but that feels like nit-picking to me since the only dialect you can be sure to have on 8-bit Ataris is . Microsoft BASIC and Turbo-BASIC XL were also available but rather rare back in the day. (And this raises another question: is the Atari BASIC dialect, or all BASIC dialects available on Atari computers? Should the latter be expressed as ?)

I do think your general tag has its place, and that your tag summary is correct; it's just not quite appropriate here.


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